About Us

History of Hodac
Founded in 1971, Hodac, Inc. provides education, prevention, and intervention services and programs that impact the health and welfare of Georgia citizens, especially those residing in Houston County. Under its original name, Houston Drug and Action Council, the organization concentrated on drug-related issues. Since then the organization has evolved and, operating under the acronym “Hodac,” has expanded its scope of services to better reflect the emerging social issues prevalent in our community.

Hodac’s main service areas include: information & referral, intervention, prevention, and education. Hodac also offers special programs that assist employers, teachers, those with substance abuse problems, adolescents, crime victims, and many others.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to extend a helping hand to make a difference in the lives we touch in Georgia, through education, advocacy, prevention, and intervention.


Donations Needed

Hodac needs donations to help support our Gateway Cottage program. We need kitchen supplies, clothes, bedding, and toiletries. We welcome your help!

Click here for the full donation list.

A Special Thank You to our Sponsors

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