Alcohol Prevention

Underage and Binge Drinking Prevention

Hodac is the Alcohol Prevention Initiative provider for the Warner Robins, Perry, Roberta, and Fort Valley area in Middle Georgia. The initiative has been realized as part of the Reality Check community awareness initiative. Reality Check represents a commitment to challenge, confront, raise awareness, and shift perceptions about the dangers of underage and binge drinking.

Our Reality Check initiative is focused on creating an ongoing dialogue with youth, in their language and in their environments. In addressing misconceptions about the lasting impact and dangers of underage and binge drinking, we strive to equip Middle Georgia youth with the tools to have their own self-motivated “Reality Checks” in everyday, real-life when they must choose between risky, unhealthy behaviors and positive, healthy ones. You can learn more about Reality Check by visiting

Hodac began working on this initiative in October 2011 and is following a structured, research-based process to determine the specific needs of our communities and address them. The goal is to design custom prevention programs and services to tackle the issues of underage and binge drinking. Our research has pinpointed Fort Valley as our highest need community. In Fort Valley, we want to reduce the early onset of alcohol use among 9 to 20 year olds. A community readiness assessment has indicated that there is a lack of awareness in Fort Valley that underage and binge drinking is a problem on the local level.

Hodac’s Prevention and Education department is currently planning the next step. The planning will develop a customized regimen of prevention programming to address the early onset of alcohol use in Fort Valley, while keeping a secondary focus on all four target communities. After the strategic planning is complete, Hodac will begin implementing prevention services in our local communities by the end of the year.

This prevention initiative is supported by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Prevention Services and Programs.



Donations Needed

Hodac needs donations to help support our Gateway Cottage program. We need kitchen supplies, clothes, bedding, and toiletries. We welcome your help!

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